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What is the biggest scam that every Indian must be aware of?
Recently I have come across a possible scam about counterfeit/fake products in India. Counterfeit/fake products are nothing new to Indian Society. These products are easily available in markets like Pallika Bazar (Delhi), Fashion street (Mumbai) etc. You can get first copy products of many branded companies included Puma, Nike, Adidas, Reebok (shoes, t-shirts etc), Micheal Kors, Guess (hand bags, Purse). There are markets where you can easily get copies of branded wrist watches and even perfumes. But people who buy products from these markets are aware of the fact that these are duplicate products.No, No• This is not the scam I am talking about. The scam starts from next level. It involves giant e-commerce websites including Snapdeal. The people who lives in India are pretty much aware of this e-commerce website and the discounts which it offers on multiple products including clothing, electronics and many other things.Recently, I was surfing on Facebook, then there was an advertisement regarding sales on Nike Shoes. It obviously got my attraction. I was amazed to see the discounts on shoes. Some discounts were close to 60% of the market value. It was a great deal. I thought of giving it a try because I did not want to miss the deal. And I am sure many people like me might have got attracted to same deals and bought the shoes from the website. I received the product within 3 days. When I opened the package, I was shocked to see that the shoes were duplicate (I am a regular user). I showed it to one of my friends, he told that “Shi to hai yaar, tujhe aise hi lag rha h” - (It is good bro, you are having false doubts). But still I wanted to get it tested from official Nike store to confirm. I visited the Nike store and they confirmed my doubt. The shoes were fake. I contacted Snapdeal regarding this problem. They told me that I can return the product and they would be refunding my money. But then I asked, what are you going to do to seller who is sending fake products using your website. He replied with standard answer - “We will look into this matter. We take extreme care before onboarding any seller. Blah Blah…..!!!” He even told me that the seller was Authorised Nike Dealer.Then, I understood the whole concept behind the huge discounts on branded materials. These websites are full of such kind of sellers. The sellers prhuge discounts on branded products (though they are cheap fake products which are easily available in market at no more than Rs. 500–700). They sell these products at Rs. 2000–3000 by showing the original price equivalent to Rs. 6000–10000 (Equivalent to original prices in showrooms). This is how these sellers are looting people by selling them fake products. It it hard to notice if the products received are fake or original for new users as they look exactly the same in every manner. Since they are coming from a trusted channel (like Snapdeal), nobody sheds a doubt and may take them as original.Now, you must be thinking why these website allow such sellers on their websites. The reason is simple, it increases the number of sales on their websites and WHO DOES NOT WANT THAT. After all, the investors are looking for these sales figures.I hope you understood the scam. Beware when you buy such items from e-commerce websites. You might be their next victim.Here are few tricks to avoid buying fake products:When you are buying from these website, look at the original price on which discount is being applied and the visit the official website of that brand. If the price is same, then it may or may not be original but if the price is different, I would suggest you to stay away from that product.Whenever you buy expensive branded products, just get it confirmed from an official store (if you can). It is completely useless to throw away your money on fake products unknowingly.Here some photographs related to this incident:Link to the product on Website: Nike Air Max 2022 Running ShoesLink to the Product on Nike Website: Look what I found at Nike online.
Why do many people in the US have so much resentment about the meager governmental benefits that the poor receive?
I am one of the “poor”.I wasn’t for most of my life - I worked as a mechanical engineer and, according to the IRS, had paid taxes since I was 15 and a half and a lifetime’s earnings that stretched into millions of dollars of income (again• that’s income over my working life combined)• then I get hit by a truck and can no longer work. Yes, I have money in savings, but my monthly disability check is less than what I earned in three days of my work.During the beginning of me being on disability, I tried to give back to the community in any way I could - to make myself feel that I was not totally worthless.I volunteered at a local church food bank (two hours per month). The policy was one bag of food per month per person in the household. This food was bought by monies raised by donations to the church and donations from local grocery stores (day-old bread and canned food with a little ding or dent, etc). It was all good food, not C-rations from Vietnam.On one day (it happened all the time, just not at this level), a woman comes in with the proper proof of family size• eleven children and her parents• so fourteen bags of food• she came late on the last day of the month (we had four hours twice a month). We had run low on many items we included in the bags of food.The way this operation worked was: people line up and we open at noon. As people stand in line, volunteers hand out “menu” slips to make sure people did not get food they were allergic to or could not eat (for Kosher/Halal reasons or even no hard food for people with no teeth). It was well-planned• but if we were out of items, we were out. It wasn’t like we could call the grocery store and demand them to make an express delivery or anything…Back to this woman• she had her hair with a very nice weave. Long fingernails that had been expertly manicured and was definitely NOT wearing rags• as she received her bags of food (volunteers helped carry them to her fairly new Mercedes SUV), she complained that her kids do not eat green beans! Why green beans? Last month she got green peas that her kids like, but they won’t eat green beans! She demanded we go out to the store and BUY peas right now.BTW, before we could even offer to take the bags to her vehicle (it was our policy to do it anyway), she blurts out that she is disabled and in now way can carry even ONE bag by herself• I had also overheard her boasting to another person in line about how she gets welfare for each of her dependents (11 kids and her two parents)• for those outside the US, that’s about $10,000 per month in “meager government assistance”.• and she wants the FREE food to be swapped out for something else?Another incident happened at the “Social Services” office.I was there to get a form to fill out regarding my disability• a woman behind the counter had brought in THREE trays of cookies for the people in line.This woman was in front of me. She sees the cookies and asks the woman behind the counter if they are free. The woman says “Yes” and then they go about filling out the forms she was there for• as she leaves, she again asks, “These are free?” the clerk nods and says “Yep, I bring in cookies every day for the people in line”. Without hesitation, the woman in front of me picks up all three trays and dumps every cookie into her large purse as she says “My kids will LOVE these treats”• and walks away.Why do people have a low opinion of those in the US who receive “meager” benefits? There are people who use the system to get everything they can and abuse the generosity of taxpaying citizens.I have a couple more similar stories, one even worse than the two above combined, but I cannot type anymore.People see these stories of those who game the system for additional benefits, or outright cheat the system• demanding a food bank prpeas and not green beans when it’s free food• and you drive a MERCEDES?Taxpayers pay into the system that provides these “meager” benefits, and when they see how the people receiving those benefits cheat and scam the system ending up making MORE than the people being taxed to pay for their aid, it garners some resentment• “Why should I work my butt off, lose a third of my income to taxes, and these people who benefit from my work (via taxes) live better than I do? Why should I work at all?”“If they can afford bi-weekly hair weaves, top-end manicures and drive luxury cars, why do they need money from those working hard every day?”Not everyone games the system, but many do and get away with it. When caught, it makes news• therefore, the regular working “Joe or Jane” only sees the people getting benefits who are nothing but cheaters• the news does nt report about the normal welfare recipient or disabled person, they only report the schemers• and that is the only thing regular Americans see, so the resentment is justified in a way.If the regular American saw how MOST benefit recipients lived, they would see it in a completely different light.
Has serving on a jury in the U.S. given you a different view of the law and the judicial system? Has your view become better or worse of the system?
I already had a poor opinion of the jury and court system before I was ever summoned. My experience merely confirmed it.Trial by jury is an anachronism, and in an age where jurors have to send to the judge to ask what a Senator is, it is dangerous. It was a necessary remedy 750 years ago, when Henry II sent royal justices from shire to shire to try cases on the Crown’s behalf. Knowing nothing of local circumstances, the justices had a panel of local men swear to the truth of a matter. Of course it was an improvement over trial by ordeal or combat.Many matters today are simply too complex for reasonable decisions to be rendered by anyone except experts. To think that I might find myself at risk of being deprived of life, liberty, or property by the sort of person who voted for our current President is intolerable.Around 1976, I read Louis Nizer’s My Life in Court. Nizer argued for the plaintiff in a civil case in which a professional had been egregiously negligent. Any reasonable verdict ought to have included enormous damages. In his summation, Nizer said the defendant’s indifference to his professional duty had been little short of criminal.When the verdict was read, the jury found for the plaintiff but, to Nizer’s astonishment, awarded an insultingly trivial sum. When Nizer asked why, it turned out that the whole time, the jury had never understood the difference between a civil and criminal trial. They could not evade the defendant’s obvious guilt, but when Nizer used the word “criminal” in his summation, they feared that if they awarded large damages, this would somehow result in a prison sentence for the defendant.I was summoned for jury duty in 1997 and spent 2 or 3 days reading in the jury room. Finally, I was called.The judge, who had the reputation of being a judicial lightweight whose wealthy family had purchased her judgeship, gave a languid description to the jury, in a barely audible voice, of the difference between a criminal standard of proof (“beyond a reasonable doubt”) and a civil standard (“preponderance of the evidence”). I would be amazed if one in 10 understood what she meant. I was tempted to just speak up and ask them, but of course, I would have been immediately held in contempt.The case was about a traffic accident. The judge allowed one of the attorneys to make a statement before the jurors that, as far as I could tell, immediately prejudiced the case and made a fair trial impossible before it began.Years later, that judge was forced into retirement when it was found that she was conducting her own investigation into a case before her court and actually visiting the home of one of the parties to demand information.The sheriff’s deputy who escorted us to that courtroom was found as a customer in a crack house a few weeks later, in uniform, with his service revolver by his side.This happened in a city of over half a million people.I was called again in 2022. This time, I served for half a day on a grand jury. That, too, was an eye-opener.We were warned that we were not there to try the case, but only to decide, upon presentation of basic facts, if a “true bill” existed (that is, if it seemed there was probable cause to return an indictment and hold a trial). I did not find most of the presentations convincing.For instance, a robbery had occurred at a Walmart. A black man had been apprehended nearby, running. Now he may have been the robber, or perhaps he was someone else altogether. I asked on what basis this black man had been detained. The very polite detective presenting the case said he was sorry, but he had not been involved and was only presenting these facts on someone else’s behalf. I voted “no true bill.” In this, as in the other cases we heard, almost all the jury seemed to simply rubber-stamp whatever the police said.The next witness, a female officer, was not so polite, she seemed to regard any questions as an impertinence. A gun had been found under the hood of a man’s car, it had been assumed it must be his, and his denial of ownership was ignored. I pointed out to the officer that I did not own a gun and asked what was to prevent some gun owner who had committed a crime from placing it under the hood of my car, only to be discovered by a surprised mechanic when I took my car to the dealer for servicing. I don’t recall her answer, only her smart, sarcastic attitude. My overall impression of the process was that the grand jury was expected to uncritically vote a true bill for insubstantial and poorly prepared cases.My third experience was for Federal jury duty. This judge seemed intent on badgering everyone, of any background or persuasion, to acknowledging that they could be objective in judging any case. He made a show of asking for people’s opinions but then simply ignored them. For instance, the case to be cried was a gun crime (but not a violent one), and I told him that my cousin’s two children had been shot to death by their stepfather just a few years before, and the judge still said “But you can be objective in this matter, yes?” I suspect many people answered “Yes” for fear that if they answered otherwise, they would be held in contempt, perhaps even jailed.One poor woman even spoke up and said she had Crohn’s disease, which would make her bathroom needs urgent and immediate, and the judge still said he thought it best if she would serve. I found his forcing her to admit such a thing publicly, disgusting.Despite the judge, the attorneys found ample reason to challenge me, and I was dismissed.I believe cases should be tried before mature, well-informed people of sound judgement and sufficient knowledge to evaluate the evidence. To think that such a group is likely to be discovered in today’s United States by the present jury selection system is simply laughable.
How do I fill out the form for PU class 11 in Jawahar Navodaya?
Visit your nearest navodaya and enquire about the available vacancies and apply there itself. Form isn't available online
How do I fill out the P.11 form for UNDP?
How to Fill in Personal History Form
What percent is required in class 11 to fill out the NEET application form?
For eligibility in neet the criteria for marks:The candidate must have passed in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Bio-technology and English individually and must have obtained a minimum of 50% marks taken together in Physics, Chemistry and Biology/ Bio-technology at the qualifying examination.In respect of candidates belonging to Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes or Other Backward Classes, the marks obtained in Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Bio-technology taken together in qualifying examination be 40% instead of 50% for General Candidates.Further, for persons for locomotory disability of lower limbs, the minimum of 45% marks for General-PH and 40% marks for SC-PH/ST-PH/OBC-PH are requiredThis is regarding your 12th boards. So the 11th marks do not count for neet application form or eligibility.Coming to your question the minimum marks would be the passing marks set by your school/college to be promoted to 12thGood luck!
What are the documents required to fill out the AMU Class 11 form?
HOW TO OBTAIN AND FILL THE APPLICATION FORMThe prescribed Application Forms and the Guide to Admissions containing details of courses areavailable on the following website:-amucontrollerexams.comThe application Form is to be filled ONLINE, i.e. the candidates have to fill the Application Formdirectly on the website.(a)Before filling up the Application Form, candidates are required to read instructions carefullygiven in every step as available in the online portal.(b)Candidates have to fill the Application Form directly on the website and make onlinepayment. (There is no need to submit the physical copy of the Application Form)(c) Details of Admission Test Fee / Processing Charges: Details about the TestFee/Processing charges is available on the relevant pages in this Guide, Only Onlinepayment mode is available for depositing the Test Fee/Processing charges. The onlinepayment detail will automatically be posted in the respective column of the Application form.The Physically Challenged candidates having 40% disability are exempted from theProcessing Charges / Test Fee, however the candidates will have to produce relevantdocuments in support of their claim else their candidature may be rejected at any time.BASIC STEPS TO BE FOLLOWED IN ONLINE SUBMISSION OF APPLICATION FORMRegistering as a new user:1. The candidate should register online and prhis / her correct and functional emailbecause the username and password etc. will be sent on this email.2. Please note every candidate will register separately and will get his/her username andpassword to access his/her Dashboard for filling as well as tracking the form(s).3. Only Single Registration is sufficient for applying to the multiple courses by a candidate.S. No. . Registration1 Username Choose a username2 Password Enter your password3 Re-Enter Password Re-enter your password4 Email Enter your valid & functional email address5 Name of theCandidateEnter the full name of the candidate in capital lettersexactly as mentioned in his/her High School / SecondarySchool Certificate. Do not use Mr / Master / Ms / Miss etc.before the name.Signing in to a registered account:1. The candidate shall login using his/her username and password. Dashboard of thecandidate will be available to him/her for filling the form.2. In case the candidate has lost/forgot his/her password, Forgot Password link should beused to get the same on the registered email.Updating Profile of the Candidate:1. The candidate should fill his/her Profile carefully. Fields marked with asterisk aremandatory.2. After saving the Profile, the candidate will be asked to review and confirm that theparticulars entered are correct.3. Candidate will not be able to Edit/Update his/her Profile after confirmation.4. If a candidate finds any mistake in his/her Profile after confirmation, then he/she will have tore-register with different Username and Password to complete all the entries afresh.Sr. No. Profile1 Username* Prefilled as given at the time of registration2 Email* Prefilled as given at the time of registration3 Name of the Candidate* Prefilled as given at the time of registration4 Alternate Email Specify an alternate email of the candidate5 Aadhaar No Specify the AADHAAR number of the candidate6 Mother's Name* Write the full name of candidate’s mother as mentionedin the High School/ Secondary School Certificate. Donot use Mrs / Dr / Smt etc. before the name.7 Father's Name* Write the full name of candidate’s father as mentionedin the High School/ Secondary School Certificate. Donot use Mr / Dr / Shri etc. before the name.8 Date of Birth* Specify the date of birth of the candidate (in ChristianEra) as recorded in the High School/ SecondarySchool Certificate/ Birth Certificate.9 Gender* Select the gender of the candidate (Male or Female).10 Mobile No.* Specify the valid mobile number of the candidate11 Alternate Mobile No. Specify the alternate mobile number of the candidate12 CorrespondenceAddress*Specify the complete mailing address of the candidateincluding Pin Code.13 Permanent Address* Specify the complete permanent address of thecandidate including Pin Code.14 Nationality* Specify the nationality of the candidate.15 Religion* Specify the religion of the candidate (for statisticalpurposes only)16 Hostel Accommodationrequired*Write ‘Yes• if hostel accommodation is required,otherwise write ‘No’Updating Educational Qualification of the candidate:1. Candidate should fill details of his/her educational qualifications by providing the name of allexaminations passed, including qualifying examination, year of passing, Examination RollNo., University/Board from where passed, and the percentage/CGPA obtained.2. If the result of examination (including qualifying examination) is awaited, fill in all thecolumns except marks column and write "RA" in Results columnUploading Photo, Signature & Thumb Impression of the candidate:1. Candidate should have scanned copy of his/her latest front facing good quality coloredPhoto with white background, signature & Thumb Impression (Left Thumb Impression only)in JPG/JPEG format ONLY for uploading on the website.2. Canddate should not upload the photo, signature or thumb impression of any other personas any mismatch may result in cancellation of his/her Application/Admission at any stage,even if he/she qualified for admission. (Note: Signature establishes the identity of thecandidate. Hence, the candidate should not merely write his/her name in capital letters.This may lead to rejection of his/her application.)3. Please note that file extension names such as filename.BMP, filename.PNG, orfilename.TIFF are not acceptable. Candidates are advised not to rename files withBMP/PNG/TIFF/etc. to JPG/JPEG. If file is not in JPG or JPEG format convert them toJPG/JPEG format using appropriate software (e.g, Paint) instead of just renaming the fileextension.4. The size of each image must be between 20 KB and 200 KB.5. Candidate will ensure to keep 10 copies of the uploaded photo with him/her as the samewill be needed at the time of admission, if the candidate is selected.Special categories claimed by the candidate:1. Eligible candidate may select any applicable special category if he/she wishes to beconsidered for admission/nomination under that category. For details refer to Table-III2. The candidate should follow the step-wise instruction as they appear in the selection ofcategories upto a maximum of 3 categories per Application Form.3. Candidate will have no right to be considered for admission/nomination under a specialcategory if the same is not claimed in the Application Form.4. It is mandatory to select "NO" if the candidate does not belong to any Special Category.5. It is to be noted that all such candidates will be required to produce necessary documentaryproof in support of special categories claimed, if offered admission.Documents to be uploaded by the candidate:1. Scanned copy of date of birth certificate/High School Certificate of the candidate.2. Scanned copy of Marks-sheet / grade-sheet of qualifying examination. (If the Marks-sheet /grade-sheet of qualifying examination is not available, the Marks-sheet / grade-sheetpassed in the preceding year should be uploaded)3. Scanned copy of documents in support of claim under special category, if any.4. Scanned copy of valid GATE Score Card (applicable only for candidates applying foradmission to M.Tech. courses in the Faculty of Engineering & Technology).5. Scanned copy of documents in support of Professional Experience, if any (applicable onlyfor candidates applying for admission to B.E course in the Faculty of Engineering &Technology).6. Scanned copy of No Objection Certificate from the employer, if employed at present.Note: It is to be ensured that all documents should be uploaded in JPG/JPEG format onlyand their individual size should lie between 200KB to 2MB.Applying for a course/class and making payment:1. This step has two components- Application & Payment: (i) Filling specific Application detailsfor respective course and (ii) Payment of Test fee/Processing charges online. It is to benoted that both components of this Step must be completed in one go otherwise theapplication will stand incomplete and applicants will have to re-apply this Step.2. Candidate must ensure that he/she is eligible to apply for the Course of study forwhich application is being submitted as the Test Fee/Processing charges are non-refundable.3. Test fee/Processing fee is to be paid ONLINE only. The candidate should keep readyhis/her Net Banking/Debit Card/Credit Card details and follow the instructions available onthe website to make payment. It is to be ensured that correct amount of processing chargesis displayed on the generated PDF. If not, then follow Refresh Payment by visiting theDashboard/Home menu and generate the PDF again with correct amount.4. No corrections are allowed after submission of online forms. In case corrections isnecessary such candidates may create new user login and fill the form again and pay theprocessing charges as usual.For better information contact /whatsapp9811797572 Naseem Ahmad
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